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Welcome to my genealogy website dedicated to my ancestral lineage.

On my Paternal side of Wilkie, name researchers have noted the origin of the surname as being a well-known Anglo Saxon name found mainly in Kent County, England. By the 13th century, the Wilkey’s had branches in Mid Lothian region and Fife County in Scotland. Spelling variations over the centuries include Wilke, Wilky, Wilkie.

A starting point for my research was Aberdour Parish, Fife, Scotland, the home of my three times Great Grandfather Robert Wilkie and his wife Christian Paul. Our Wilkie’s emigrated to many parts of the world; Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and the United States and this website reflects contributions from several branches of the Wilkie descendants.





My Maternal lineage of ancestors of Weeks are believed to have originated from the Devon area, England. It is unclear if my Fourth Great Grandfather, Jonathan Weeks and his wife Anna Miller had relatives in the New England Colonies. Certainly there were many Weeks families residing there and with similar naming patterns as ours but the conclusive proof has been evasive. Known children of Jonathan 1748-1784 & Anna Weeks of Bedford, Westchester County, New York are Sons John, Lewis and Amos and Daughter Hannah Weeks.

One theory suggests Jonathan Weeks was in Lower Canada – possibly New Brunswick as a Loyalist. I have located family branches in Elgin, Norfolk and Oxford Counties in Ontario, Canada; our common ancestor being Amos Weeks, son of Jonathan and Anna Weeks. By early 1900s other descendants have been found in New York and Michigan States as well as the Western Canadian Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

Researching my ancestors has been challenging due to the common usage of the word weeks in addition to variations in spelling for the surname; including Wicks, Weekes, Weeks

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